Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Deir el Bahri, X-rated Graffito - Luxor News

Warning - Graffito contains some explicit scenes.

Not for the youngest of eyes, the article i wish to highlight comes from Jane Akshar from Luxor News. Photographs by Richard Sellicks (see also Rock cut tomb and KV60 photos).

Something a bit different, ancient graffiti. Like graffiti today, the ancient Egyptians were able to use graffito to express political views, tongue- in- cheek thoughts, to express their sense of humour and so on.

The artisans in question here seem to have all of these things in mind. Does the second from last photo depict Hatshepsut and Senenmut? Who knows although the link has been made in the past and i am aware of arguements for both sides. Due to its possible link to Hatshepsut and its location at Deir el Bahri it is certainly something to include in the Hatshepsut Project.

Thanks to Jane and Richard,


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