Sunday, 19 December 2010

Hatshepsut - Khartoum, Sudan

The ancient settlement of Buhen on the West Bank of Luxor was submerged with water during the flooding of Lake Nassar during the building of the Aswan Dam. Before the flooding, Buhen was excavated by British Egyptologist Walter Bryan Emery.

Saved from the flood waters, a temple to Horus which was built by Hatshepsut was dismantled and moved to the Sudan National Museum. Today, it resides there for all to see.

For a general overview of Buhen, see - Wikipedia

For Walter B Emery's own words read: Emery 1963. Walter B. Emery. Egypt Exploration Society. Preliminary Report on the Excavation at Buhen. 1962. Kush 11 (1963). 116-120

And for images and a floor plan, see Maat-Ka-Ra-Hatschepsut
(Go to Monuments/Other Monuments and then scroll down).


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