Saturday, 4 December 2010

Author's note

Well, i am back for now, although my internet connection is still intermittent (joy!).

After 6 months, The Hatshepsut Project is still here and i wish to thank you all for the emails, comments, corrections, photos.

To share what i am currently doing towards the project:

* I am currently in the process of tagging all posts, so that if there are any particular items that interest you(Deir el Bahri, KV20, etc), then you will be able to see all related posts without the hassle of searching.

* Flickr has been a very helpful source of information for this project. I am currently looking at other photo- sharing sites so increase the possibilities of finding new artifacts, museums and sites that i can report about.

* I have started to contact museums via email, to better understand their inventories and hope to have more to report on that in the near future.

* Deir el Bahri will always be a popular choice for me when blogging. I will be listing one or two other sites which i have not mentioned before. First though, i will look for reliable links and photos.

* Karnak Temple is another of my popular choices. After 2 years of looking at my own photos of Karnak (taken by my wife on our honeymoon, I've spotted some non- obelisk photos related to Hatshepsut. That was a lovely surprise. I will share these with you shortly.

* I am still going through various excavation reports (all Deir el Bahri). I am looking solely for mentions of inscriptions, statues, foundation deposits and like items.

One of my goals when starting this project was to try to locate ALL items relating to Hatshepsut. Where possible i will continue my current way of reporting, which is to provide links to museums, etc. Once i have found my last museum and last site, i will then post separate posts for each and every one of the items i am able to locate.

I am going to be busy.........................


Stuart Tyler


Anonymous said...

im looking for an idea for a sixth grade project about queen hatshepsut it has to be three demensional plz tell me if u hav any ideas

Anonymous said...


Stuart Tyler said...

Please tell me more of the task you have been set and i will gladly offer as much help as i can.