Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Digital Karnak

A large part of this project is to share the resources i use in order to keep this blog alive. I have quoted some sites so far, without actually introducing them fully, so i will make this a regular feature from now on. They will be in no specific order of preference, but their contributions can be seen in the posts i have made so far.

This time is the turn of Digital Karnak. I've spent countless hours on this site. When i describe a photograph taken at Karnak, you can be sure that this was done in some part by checking and re-checking their archives.

The Digital Karnak Project was designed and built at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) under the direction of Dr. Diane Favro (director of the ETC) and Dr. Willeke Wendrich (editor-in-chief of the UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology).
(Quote from their site)

This site will take you through the history of Karnak Temple. Use their archives to locate a Pharaoh of your choice and see their work for yourselves. I linked to their Hatshepsut section, but that is a mere fraction of the site content.

My personal thanks to the staff at UCLA (and specifically Willeke Wendrich) for their kind permission to link to their site.


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