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Hatshepsut - Karnak, Wadjet Hall

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When my wife an I visited the Karnak Temple complex, we had no idea what to take pictures of. Almost all the time we were ushered around various points, being told in great detail about the temple history. It would be later, after our visit (our Honeymoon) that i would decide to dedicate most of my Ancient Egypt study time to Hatshepsut.

Needless to say that we did not have any idea where to go, when we finally broke free of our tour guide. We were given 45 minutes to walk around the whole temple complex. Today, 45 minutes would only see me to Hatshepsuts standing obelisk, where i would remain- until the next Hatshepsut related items. Two days would be a ideal timeframe the next time i go..

So back to our 45 minutes- we did in fact head for the standing obelisk, sacred lake (Amun Precinct), and then into the furthest area we could get to, leaving enough time to reach our coach (which was now about 20 minutes away...After taking many pictures of what we now know to be the Akhmenu/ ThutmoseIII Festival Hall- we headed back towards the first pylon. On our way i pointed, my wife took pictures and these are the ones i use in my blog.

Two years on and after consulting Digital Karnak - i found the picture, above. It is of a section of the Wadjet Hall, which was erected under the orders of Hatshepsut.

This find came after i had already viewed this photo many, many times- without remembering where we were in this massive temple complex. Thanks to Digital Karnak and to my wife, Julie.

For more information on the Wadjet Hall (and to see how i was able to link the photo, visit Digital Karnak It was their photos showing the Osiride statues and column drums that had me searching my own photos. Look for the Osiride head with the remains of the crown (left) in my photo- then compare the photos on Digital Karnak.


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