Sunday, 8 August 2010

Senenmut and Neferure

I am going through a lot of material at the moment, trying to add to this blog. The Hatshepsut related stuff is limited to time. Time is a factor that keeps on popping up like a little gremlin in my head reminding me that i have a family to take care of.

I am going to broaden my horizons, so to speak. I will start to include sites and items concerning Senenmut (Senemut if you prefer)and Neferure. Although these wonderful people of the past will always have a back seat to Hatshepsut, they are a very large part of the Hatshepsut story and this Hatshepsut project. All information on these will be introductory and i will refer you to further reading, or websites which will aid in more informed learning for those who may be interested.

I will not yet move on to Thutmose I,II, III, Ahmose and other major family members of Hatshepsut. These will follow later as i have to pace myself. As i am learning- as- i go i do not want to end up too far over my head.

At this stage i wish there were two of me. That would certainly solve some of the time issues... Please bare with me as i go. There will be times when this blog goes slightly quiet. I promise you that i will be in the background either reading books, excavation reports, watching documentaries and everything else that has helped me get to month 3 of this blog...


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