Tuesday, 3 August 2010

British Museum- Time for a visit

Wouldn't it be great if i could visit all of the worlds museums and sites, which house the items relating to Hatshepsut?

Well, that was a question that had previously occupied my mind. The reality is that i will only visit a fraction. Still, i have an extremely supportive family. They have their limits of course.

I have a possible chance of visiting the British Museum within the next 2 weeks. If this happens, then i will have one more museum/ site ticked off the list. If it doesn't then it is another museum/ site for the other list i have.

Should the visit happen, then i will circle like a hawk over an Egyptian battlefield in the hunt for the "second" lady in my life (after my wife of course), Hatshepsut.

I cannot imagine how excited i would be to spot even one Hatshepsut item. Maybe similar to a small child bumping into Santa on Christmas day may come close- but not that close. Pictures will be taken of each and every item i can find (i have not yet seen the potential restrictions, but i will check before i go (if i go)).

Hatshepsut aside, we have the famous bust of Ramesses II from the Ramesseum (Belzoni), The Rozetta Stone, Papyrus of Ani (Budge)and so much more.

Oh and the Hatshepsut obelisk (sorry, couldn't keep her out for long- this blog is for her, after all!). The obelisk is mentioned in a previous post.

I will keep you all up to date:

* Karnak Temple - TICK
* Deir el Bahri - TICK
* Luxor Temple - TICK
* Highclere (Carnarvon) Castle - TICK
* British Museum- TICK

....wow, nowhere near, but it has been great so far...........


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