Thursday, 26 August 2010

Hatshepsut - author's note

As i have been progressing through this blog, I have learned a great deal about Hatshepsut and of the details left behind by her. I have, of course, only just began the journey, but i have a few things to share at this early stage.

Hatshepsut was (to me) a great Pharaoh. Not only did she commission her beautiful mortuary temple, obelisks, way shrines, etc but she did so much more.

From what i know so far- the early 18th Dynasty had its fair share of instability. With Egypt united once again much was to be done to ensure that the whole of Egypt was fed, watered, defended and content.

Hatshepsut's father, Thutmose I succeeded Amenhotep I to the throne of Egypt and the Thutmoside dynasty had begun. Thutmose II was the next in line, married Hatshepsut and then died. Thutmose III was very young at this stage and began his reign with his Step- Mother, Hatshepsut (a co- regency).

At some stage Hatshepsut became Pharaoh. She died and Thutmose III was crowned pharaoh.

Ok- that was a very short story (and feel free to correct any mistakes), but the actual reign of Hatshepsut as Pharaoh has caused reason for much debate in today's world of Egyptology. Did Hatshepsut push Thutmose III out of the way so that she could become pharaoh, or was it to ensure stability and order in Egypt- someone had to reign until Thutmose III was old enough and capable enough of running Egypt successfully?

Its things like this which lead to people like us taking an interest, formulating ideas, opinions, cross- referencing with archaeological findings, etc, etc. This, to me, is great. Communities are created and knowledge is shared. One of the biggest bonuses in studying Ancient Egypt are the people you meet. Without like- minded individuals, it can be one long, lonely road.

Who else would i have to share my museum and holiday snaps to?

Thanks for your interest,


I would like to thank Dr Karl Leser of the inspirational Maat-Ka-Ra Hatshepsut website for spotting an error in my original post (since corrected). Your help is greatly received and i thank you for your valued input.

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