Thursday, 5 August 2010

Hatshepsut Project Update

The blog is now in its third month as i write this. I wanted to really just take a deep breath. Also to see what kind of progress the blog is making.

Firstly i would like to thank you all for taking part in the Project. It has been encouraging for me to have followers, as I inevitably work a bit harder knowing that other could benefit from this blog.

With regard museums:

I have one or two up my sleeve, but i am running out of options. The search will continue however.

With regard sites:

There are still sites which i am aware of (in Egypt) which house Hatshepsut's footprints. I will share these once i have checked on the materials i have.

With regards my own research:

* I have recently purchased a number of books and have many bookmarks, which i have been saving for a rainy day. Again, these will follow once i am confident on the content.

* A possible visit to the British Museum will open a few doors (photos especially) and i will of course write all about it.

* I have many hours of Deir el Bahri excavation material to pour through. This will take some time to take in before i will get a chance to consider a write- up.

So that's where i will leave it. Please feel free to contribute in any way. Photos, articles, pictures - all will be greatly received and i will always mention where i received the materials from.

Ok, so back to the new books (Hatshepsut related of course!, lol )

Thank you all,


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