Monday, 5 July 2010

Photo - Osiride Statues of Hatshepsut

This photo was taken by one of the Hatshepsut Project followers, Nebojsa Milosevic in 2004. It shows the remaining Osiride statues on the 3rd Terrace of the now familiar Deir el Bahri.

Hatshepsut did not masquerade as a man, but often had herself depicted with the false beard, Nemes headdress and other symbolic items to show her role.

These statues bear all the familiar traits of Osiris, except for one thing. The face is that of Hatshepsut. Although more than likely stylised, they are elegant to view and I have always felt that she has a certain look of serenity, which adds a certain beauty.

Here the statues are viewed from the top of the second stairway/ ramp, looking right. Please see the photo at the top of this page of the temple to get a better idea of where these statues fit into the temple architecture.

Thanks to you Nebojsa.

Let me add that Nebojsa has also started a blog on the other famous female Pharaoh, Cleopatra. :


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