Tuesday, 6 July 2010


KV20 (Kings Valley tomb numbered 20).

This is the tomb intendeded for Hatshepsut (as Pharaoh).

If we visit the Valley of the Kings today we will be unable to visit this tomb. Closed off to visitors due to the perils encountered even by the best prepared Egyptologist - this tomb is unfinished, empty.

Howard Carter was the man who had the task of clearing this tomb. I have the report of his excavation, which took a mere 20 days.

To quote Carter:

"The operations, inclusive of the transport of the necessary materials to the spot, the fixing of the scaffolding, and the clearing of the tomb from end to end, took twenty days, the work continuing both day and night with relays of workmen for the night shifts."

Not 1 but 2 sarcophagi were found in the tomb itself. Both empty, both originally inscribed for Hatshepsut. Other items were also found in KV20 and at this point i hand you over to WIKI:


HUGE credit goes to Rozette Peeters. I met Rozette through an AE forum and most of the excavation reviews i have are supplied by her. These have been supplied free of charge. Her efforts are vital to this blog. Without her help and the help of other willing parties i could not continue with this blog. Rozette, Thank You.

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