Sunday, 18 July 2010

Egyptian Dreams discussion forum

When i first started to study Egypt as a hobby i soon realised that you can only learn "so much" studying on your own. It can be frustrating when you do not have the opinions of others to share.

I began to look for a discussion forum, specifically looking at Ancient Egypt. This is when i found Egyptian Dreams.

I soon got used to asking questions, putting forward theories and even helping out others to expand their knowledge. Without hesitation i recommend this discussion forum to all of you.

My only requests will be that anyone visiting the forum and then eventually joining up (free of charge)must please read the rules before starting up and at no time participate in any spamming.

I have been given permission to link to Egyptian Dreams and there are a number of the forum members who i speak to away from the forum, so please use the site as it is intended.

You will find the forum very friendly and extremely helpful to all users.

I will link to discussions which will aid the Hatshepsut Project, so you will see the quality of the Egyptian Dreams forum for yourself.



Englez said...

Hello Stuart,

I thought that these might be interested to you, too:

Stuart Tyler said...

Hi Englez- thank you for posting these. I will surely take a look at the hallofmaat. i am a member of sacredland, but have not had time to really contribute.
Very much apprecieted. I hope your own blog is going well- i do drop in as often as i can...
Regards, Stuart