Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Hatshepsut - Luxor Museum

When i go to Luxor again (hopeful thinking), one of my first stops will be the Luxor Museum.

My wife and i didn't have enough time and money when we went in 2008, which was a real shame. Next time we will definitely take an evening visit.

Amongst their former collections, (blocks from) Hatshepsut's Red Chapel had been on display, until being moved (further details have been provided below).

Just a taster:


(pictures 6 & 19)

Thanks to the site owner Suzie Manley.


I have edited this post to show (correctly) that the blocks USED to be a part of the Luxor Museum. As pointed out by Dr Karl Leser, the Red Chapel of Hatshepsut has been re-built and is situated today in the Karnak Temple Open Air Museum. For more information on the reconstructed Red Chapel, then please visit Dr Lesers site:


Go to: Sitemap, Monuments, Red Chapel


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