Monday, 14 June 2010

Old Photos - Deir el Bahri

I am becoming a bit of a stickler for old photos-especially old photos which i am able to link to the Hatshepsut project. Although i am unable to give you much information at present of exactly when these were taken, it will become apparent that these must be somewhere between the late 1800s- very early 1900s.

We can be fairly accurate here, owing to the first picture, showing Deir el Bahri before major restoration work and showing little of the features which we see today.

I will talk at a later date about the excavation history of this wonderful site in (modern day) Luxor. I have a few gaps in my information at the moment, so i will wait until i have a complete record.

Thanks to Dr Karl Leser for drawing my attention to these. Dr Leser owns Maat-Ka-Ra- Hatschepsut (website), which you can find a link for at the top of my homepage.

Here's the link:

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