Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The Karnak Cache

On the subject of cache's (the Deir el Bahri mummy cache being the first mentioned).

At the beginning of the 1900s' in the temple complex at Karnak- 7th pylon- a large number of statues were found covering the Old, Middle and Late kingdoms. Not only pharaohs statues, but priests, viziers, scribes and others are all depicted.

In relation to Hatshepsut i have been able to locate 1 statue, one block from the Red Chapel (they all count!) and a vase. The following link should take you directly to these statues:


Also represented in the cache are Senenmut/ Neferure (block statue), Thutmose I,II and III. Please use the search bar the link will take you to, to search for any one of the above people. The name Thutmose is spelled Tuthmosis, should you wish to search for Thutmose I,II or III. This name is often spelled in many different ways. I go with Thutmose, but its a tomato/ tomAto thing, no- one is necessarily right.


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