Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Book Suggestion

I have recently acquired Joyce Tyldesley's HATCHEPSUT - The Female Pharaoh (Penguin Books).

I will admit i am reading this book currently (and not in chapter order either, because that would be too easy!)and have yet to complete the book. However i have seen (read?)enough to recommend this book to anyone interested in Hatshepsut (the spelling differences between Joyce and myself are personal choices and neither are incorrect).

This book is readily available at Amazon:


Also i felt guilty for using the phrase "the female pharaoh" in previous posts, without crediting Joyce on an excellent book. Discussion forums will also recommend Joyce's work to you, as do i.



Englez said...

Dear Mr. Tyler,

First, I like to say that I was very pleased, when I found this blog. The subject is very interesting and I like Your approach to the subject.
One remark to the Amazon link in this post - it's wrong.
I have visited Egypt twice, and in 2004, I've been to the Hashepsut temple and took some pictures there. If You will, I could send them to You.

Best regards.

Stuart Tyler said...

Firstly, thank you for your kind comments. I hope this blog will be of some use to you.

I would be very grateful if you could send me any Egypt photos you have. I will of course mention it was you who took the photos if i include them here.

Indeed- the link was bad- apologies for that.

I hope to hear from you shortly, thanks


Stuart Tyler said...

Correct Amazon.com link:


Thanks Englez