Monday, 21 June 2010

Blog Update- June 2010

Although this blog was solely intended to log my progress in finding all Hatshepsut- related artifacts i have chosen to relax things where i feel it necessary to discuss (and share)other Hatshepsut- related topics.

I am finding more and more articles, photos, books, dig diaries,etc. Also i am being sent some very good quality material from others wishing to help me. Please do the same if you have something which you think i may be able to use.

I have decided to include some of the above in my future posts. This is to vary the content of this site and to give a slightly wider range of resource material than i have been able to offer until now. All of these will have themes which can be linked to Hatshepsut directly.

Family and important people

* Senenmut
* Neferure
* Thutmose I,II,III
* Ahmose

* Winlock
* Naville
* Carter
* Polish Excavations

I will see how things look towards December/ January to see if the above actually takes the viewer away from the original subject matter. If I think that this blog looks too crowded, i may start another. For now i wish to avoid starting any other projects until this one has had a good length of time to settle down.

Please feel free to leave any comments or contact me if you have anything to add,

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