Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Wadi Gawasis

Many people are not aware of the site of Wadi Gawasis, so i will provide a few interesting links as a starter point. Could this provide a much sought after link to Punt?

What is most important about the Wadi Gerwasis is the current excavations being carried out which have proven to be incredibly fruitful. Firstly, I will ask you to have a look at the links provided in my last post entitled "Punt: Digging Away at a Mystery"

Now note that the archaeological findings are all pointing in the direction of the possibility that Wadi Gerwasis may have been the starting point the Ancient Egyptians used when setting off for the land of Punt.

Specific to Hatshepsut- i believe that no items have been found yet which point to her own expedition(s) to Punt, but further reading into the many reports show that the findings are exciting to say the least. At this stage i introduce the work of Kathryn Bard (Boston University) and Rodolfo Fattovich (Naples University):

Mersa/Wadi Gawasis  An Egyptian Harbour n the Red Sea 

The findings have been incredible. The University of Naples has a great way of breaking down the work carried out and listing the individual findings. I personally found their Egittologia article great for looking these findings up.

If you don't want to stop there- there's plenty of information online. I would advise to sticking to the work of the excavators and their Universities- to ensure completeness of information.


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