Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Authors Note

Just a quick post to try to work out where we are right now and where i hope us to be for the rest of 2011.

Thanks for all of those who have been following the blog and the very useful comments which you have left to date.

I am still adding detail to the Hatshepsut Museum database although i have been deliberately quiet recently with updates. One example of the type of work i am doing on the database is "gap filling". We have around 1,000 items which have been captured so far (give or take) and i found out very early on that i need to have multiple sources of information for each item to get the most complete information. That's what I'm working on. Acquisition dates and Provenance are the hardest areas to fill, but in time i hope we will have enough information to "go live".

Our group on Facebook has been a great help. After a year of research- i felt i needed to be around others who share the same interests- in order to ensure my own "knowledge" was correct and to gain confidence in discussing Hatshepsut in an open environment. The feedback so far is promising. I have a number of people who have kindly steered me in the right direction on a few topics and i realise how much I've learned and how little I've learned all at the same time (depending on who the discussion is with). I will add that the Egyptian Dream discussion forum has been a great place for me to discuss Hatshepsut also. It has given me the confidence to open up this blog and to post with a degree of freedom in the way i write (learned by opening up discussions and backing up evidence when asked to, etc). 

When discussions within the Hatshepsut Project Group provide more information- i will share this on all the platforms available to me- Blogger, Facebook and Twitter.

All mini- projects are running in the background. None have projected end- dates as i am far too busy. My wife and I are going to have a son in 2012, so posts around then will be as and when i get time. Saying that- Hatshepsut is never too far away. She will have to take a back seat for a period of time.

Hatshepsut owes me that.... :)



tim said...

Hi Stuart

Congratulations on the coming son! Sounds like the Hatshepsut project has a big year ahead in between diaper changes and sleepless nights.

Congratulations again!

Stuart Tyler said...

Hi Tim,
Thanks. We are going to be knee deep in nappies for sure. We're really looking forward to the new arrival.

I am always looking to branch out with the Hatshepsut Project, but will be very mindful of the upcoming responsibilities.

I plan to still be here, when our son is all grown up. I will have to pass on the Hatshepsut Project through the Tyler bloodline.. haha