Monday, 17 October 2011

Maatkara Shabti, but not Maatkara Hatshepsut

Some time ago i posted about a visit to my local museum, Bristol Museum and Art Gallery. The purpose of the visit was to see a blue glazed shabti "with the Prenomen of Hatshepsut".

Here is what i saw:

Indeed, Maatkara can be seen on the shabti. The shabti belongs to the 21st Dynasty though.

I forgot i had this photo. It wasn't a wasted visit either. As much as it would have been great to see Hatshepsut in Bristol. It was good to rule this shabti out- so that i could concentrate on the artifacts of Maatkara Hatshepsut which we know are hers.

A number of Hatshepsut related (British Museum) artefact's will be touring the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery soon. I will post further details closer to the time.



Dylan Bickerstaffe said...

Yes, this will be the God's Wife of Amun, Maatkare, of the 21st Dynasty from the Royal Cache tomb.

Stuart Tyler said...

Thanks for the additional information, Dylan.
As i understand it she (God's Wife of Amun, Maatkare)left behind many shabtis which are widely scattered.

I'm sure i wasn't the first to fall into that little trap, but it was worth finding out about nevertheless.

Nely Emiliani said...

Hello Stuart, I wrote to you that Neferu-re my daughter died when she was 5 years old... Well I found the inf. and I was right! It is written in one of the PILON in Karnak, and how my father Crown me to take his place.
H.E. Winlock is very wrong also on dates... I'm need your help because there are things that I don't remember, and one is if I send Sen-Mut first to Punt or to make my Oblisk first... From were this archeologist find the dates???? I want to see it! The actual fact.

Thank you,