Tuesday, 18 January 2011

KV20- Interesting Article by Tim Reid

As you can see from my profile page I am a follower of other blogs. This is how i started in the world of Ancient Egypt. When i find interesting articles (old and new) i am going to post them here, so that you can benefit too.

Tim Reid runs the Egyptians blog. The specific article i have linked to is relating to KV20 and looks at whether or not Thutmose I (Hatshepsut's father) was ever interred in KV20 or not (which seems to have been Hatshepsut's wish). I found it very interesting and hope that you do too.

I will (as promised in 2010) spend time (maybe in a stand alone page on this blog) start linking more to my resources, such as blogs. They are extremely helpful, the information is very frequent and the owners are very helpful and personable. Please feel free to post comments on these blogs. I know from experience that having followers and posters is very encouraging indeed.

I can't beloieve its nearly February- where is the year going?



tim said...

Hi Stuart

Nice site and thanks for the link and kind words.



Stuart Tyler said...

Hi Tim, my pleasure. I have been aware of your work for some time through Kate/Jane/Andie, etc. Your article is excellent and i look forward to reading future articles by you.