Monday, 10 January 2011

Hatshepsut Project - Challenge Anneke !

Growing up in the 80s and 90s I was a watcher of a TV programme called "Challenge Anneke". The show featured Anneke Rice as a swashbuckling hero (!), who armed with a helicopter, headset, clipboard and pen - she would achieve the impossible to those in need of help - in an impossible timescale.

Well, i needed help. Anneke Rice was sadly unavailable. I needed to present the individual items which the Hatshepsut Project located- in their entirety. My pre- Christmas plea for help was heard by a friend of the Hatshepsut Project, Anneke Bart.

If Anneke's name sounds familiar to you, then she will need no introduction. For those unfamiliar to Anneke, see one my my original posts regarding the 18th Dynasty Family Tree.

Amongst many things, Anneke runs her own site and still finds time to contribute to Wikipedia and is a huge part of the Ancient Egypt discussion forum, Egyptian Dreams, which has also been mentioned on the blog.

Anneke's idea was to make use of Wikiversity to create this:

Anneke - this is a perfect way to present the information which the Hatshepsut Project accumulates. Thank You, dearly.

I will create an account and start work when i have time. From then on, do not be surprised to see many posts on he progress of the WikiHatshepsutProject.

The Hatshepsut Project problem is behind us. We now have the correct platforms to be able to present Museums, Sites and Artifacts. For this, i am grateful to Anneke. As more and more people take an interest in Ancient Egypt, then so Hatshepsuts light can only shine brighter. Having free resources to hand for future generations is essential. Wiki can be amended by all, so this will not be Annekes project, nor mine. It will truely be a universal project. Open to all.

Here's to 2011 - Who knows where it will take us....Luxor would be nice (wink)


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