Saturday, 29 January 2011

Egypt Unrest

Many, many reports are providing information which tells us that Egypt is suffering due to political unrest. I am currently on CNN and the more i hear, the harder it is to take in. Protests, fires, looting and the loss of lives.

I wish to offer all of those in Egypt, especially Cairo and Alexandria my best wishes.

Jane Akshar (Luxor)
Hekat and Priest of Hekat from Egyptian Dreams (forum).

To all of you - and every other innocent in Egypt including the very many holidaymakers, shopkeepers, emergency services - i wish for a quick end to the chaos.

Damage has been done in the Cairo Museum. So far none of the artifacts have been confirmed as stolen. Whilst this is good news, some people have lost their lives. My heart goes out to the families of those caught up in all of this.


Since writing this - i have been able to find a link, which state that artifacts have been damaged inside the Cairo Museum:
(Thanks Andrea for the information)

from her blog, you will see a report from Kate Phizackerley about Tut's relics. Very bad news indeed.

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