Saturday, 2 June 2012

Hatshepsut's Temple, Upper Terrace and Court in LEGO

Here is a selection of photographs of a reconstruction of parts of Hatshepsut's temple (Upper Terrace and Court) i made out of Lego. This was something i wanted to do for a while- and finally had the opportunity recently. Those of you who follow the Hatshepsut Project on Facebook will be familiar already with these.

Here i settled on a scale which allows me to show the central path from Upper Terrace doorway (where the 2 Lego men stand guard) to the Sanctuary entrance (large yellow doorway). The red bricks are there purely to keep my focus on a symmetrical look- a guideline.
The rear wall or "Western Wall" at the back of the Upper Court. This is the southern (left) side. A deliberate attempt was made to look like an archaeological work in progress.

Aerial view of the progress.The roof of the Upper Terrace is partially reconstructed. The relationships between the western wall and the Upper Terrace are being worked on- so to be as true as possible as the appear today.

Turned 180 degrees we now look from rear to front. The rear wall is complete with 9 niches each side of the Sanctuary entrance. In yellow brick, the remains of original 18th dynasty architectural elements plus guidelines for 2 walls which will soon connect the rear wall with the Upper Terrace, enclosing the Upper Court as a rectangular area, originally full of columns.

The red bricks now go beyond the Sanctuary door (top of picture) to allow for a reconstruction of the sanctuary itself. Four plinths can now be seen on the northern (right) side of the Upper Terrace for the display of heads. The Upper Terrace roof is complete.

Front view of the Western Wall with its tall and low niches. Atop is a suggestion of the wall which now protects the temple from rock fall from the cliffs above.

 The Sanctuary plus part of the Ptolomaic porch outside the sanctuary entrance, have been added.
The walls which connect the Western Wall to the Upper Terrace has been added, including doorways and niche. On the opposite side, a similar wall with doors has been started.
The final view. Osiride statues and heads have now been added