Saturday, 2 June 2012

Happy Birthday Hatshepsut Project

Two years old today. Thanks to all those who follow and read the posts. Whilst they have been quite infrequent in 2012- i have still been working on projects which can be pursued this year- and for the future.

With the Museum Database cancelled by me- i will go back to keeping this blog as the main article and post point, and Facebook for the more quickfire discussions and link/ photo posting.

On the subject of posting i am looking at interesting ways of sharing information on this blog. The post with Maria Isabel Pita was a breath of fresh air to me, the LEGO post was fun and different. 

Thank you to Rita Murray and Phil Stewart for your help on the Facebook arm of the Hatshepsut Project. I was never interested in Facebook until creating the Hatshepsut Project Group. Now i am on it more often than i would admit to. I need your help and you have both been assets to me.

Another thank- to those in the background who help, assist, correct, encourage and inspire my research. This blog continues due to you.

Finally, some stats:
  • 32,004 - Total page views
  • 1,300 - Approx. views per month
  • 200 - Most page views in one day
  • 3,135 - Most monthly page views (November 2011)

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