Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Hatshepsut Project- 2012. A Request for Help

I posted the following in our Facebook Group, "Hatshepsut Project" today:

2012 - Hatshepsut Project. it would be great to have a show of hands before we hit 2012- to see who would be interested in co-ordinating or helping towards a "Hatshepsut Projet Photographic Database". I know some of you have done this in the past, but i have been so busy outside the Project to do anything significant online recently. It is, to dat,e just an idea. For a moment, forget about me and consider how much time you have to spend and whether or not you have the available resources to help produce something significant for the world to see. Although i have my own ideas, i would rather open it up to all of you. I have (more than) reached my limit on the work i can produce and extend my hands out to you all. The icing on the cake for me would be to have an Egyptologist (more if the offers are forthcoming) to oversee parts of the photographc database that would include translation/ transliteration and any insight beyone that which i myself can produce. As all work within the Hatshepsut Project (and its spin-offs) are free to all - any help will be on a voluntary basis. For that reason, i appreciate many of you will be tied up on other projects. Nevertheless, we have no other database online which we can consider "competition" and i really feel that this may be an opportunity for us all to put that right. As with all of our Projects, we will try to create something new, significant and something which everyone can use for future studies of Hatshepsut. This is the place to ask questions, so please feel free.
Thank you all for being a part of this Project. Phil Stewart, Rita Murray - let me tae this opportunity to thank you publicly for your help. I apologise for not being great with correspondance, but i am always here if you need me.
The request for help is for all. If you feel you may be able to help in some way with the above photographic project then please let me know. I am over- stretched with the Museum Database, so cannot offer my time at present. For this reason and that of obtaining all the help i can get - i thought it best to share with everyone who has been following the progress of the Hatshepsut Project.

Thank you for all the support in 2011. Its been a wonderful year for the Project. We are growing at a pace with new ideas, new followers and i am certainly a lot more confident with my own work than i was before starting this blog 18 (or so) months ago. I am happy to report that we are seen all across the globe and have been spending some time on seeing where people find out about us. To my surprise and pleasure we have been noted in blogs, forums and other sources which have no link to me. This shows me that there is a need to keep going. Hatshepsut is very popular it seems.

I still find it unbelievable that Dr Lesers site is to date the only Hatshepsut- dedicated website of note. Whether that's due to the superb work of Dr Leser (which is my own reason for continually visiting) or something quite different- i have no idea. Come to think of it- can any of you name any site dedicated to Thutmose III- or Senenmut? I mean in the way Dr. Leser has done? Perhaps that is something to look at for the future. I love the idea of eventually growing to be the "Thutmoside Project". The reality is that i am one man, with very limited education (in the fields) and spare time (you can blame Hatshepsut directly for that). I do not wish for any of the Hatshepsut Projects (or future spin-offs) to be hurried "for the sake of it" Projects, so for now - we will keep as we are. 

I will try to find some "new" angles for 2012. As much as this blog has been quieter than i am used to- i have a lifetime of stuff to share with regards to articles and the like. I have a few ideas up my sleeve to try and include one or two people who have inspired my research into Hatshepsut. As much as i love thanking people indirectly and occasionally in private correspondence- i would much prefer some form of "Interview" section, "Meet the Author", "Meet the Egyptologist" or something along those lines. With a number of books and articles in production as we speak - wouldn't it be wonderful to have the author tell use about their work, rather than another faceless Amazon link?

There i go again with the ideas...... honestly i have no way of shutting off. I will do the next best thing an stop typing instead.

(Stuart Tyler, Styler78, Hatshepstu) - Depending on which platform you see this post.


tim said...

Hi Stuart

What help I can be let me know.


Stuart Tyler said...

Thank you Tim. the more the merrier.
i am setting myself up for a headache in 2012, buti am pleased that a number of people have suggested they will be able to help.

I am not too sure how and when things will start moving, but i will let you know. have a great weekend Tim.