Thursday, 15 December 2011

Egyptological Magazine

The third issue of the free online magazine, Egyptological is out. So far in the three issues, there has already been a number of items of note to this blog:
  1. An article on Hatshepsut, by Barbara O'Neill, Hatshepsut, King of Egypt (1479–1458 BC)
  2. An Article on the Goddess Pakhet (Speos Artemidos) by Andrea Byrnes,Notes on the Goddess Pakhet
  3. Photographs of TT353 by Glyn Morris,Photos of the tomb of Senenmut (TT353) by Glyn Morris
 I have given my word to Andrea (and of course, Kate) that i will draft an article myself in the not too distant future. I will be looking at the new blog, the Hatshepsut Project Museum Database (really just a template currently) and giving an idea of what to expect from it as a resource for studying Hatshepsut.

Please take a look at Egyptological if you haven't already. It covers all of Egypt, then and now.


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