Thursday, 17 November 2011

Temple of Wadjmose - West Bank, Luxor

Goodness knows how this managed to escape me, but i got there in the end!

Wadjmose and Amunmose, brothers and their half sister was Hatsheput. Both may have had a ligitimate claim to the throne, but neither survived long enough for that. Wadjmose, Amenmose and Hatshepsut shared a father, Thutmose I.

I have located a number of items/ artifacts relating to Amenmose for the Hatshepsut Museum Database, but Wadjmose is a little harder to locate.

A single monument which is today labelled as the Temple of Wadjmose lies on the Theban (Luxor) West Bank.

I will look into obtaining further details ob this monument. Until then, thanks to Amelia Blandford Edwards for the tip off. What had me confused was Amelia's rendering of the name i know as Wadjmose. It appeared as something like Uatsmes - so i ignored it multiple times, before the penny dropped.

**Amended 27/11/11


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