Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Hatshepsut - Netery Menu photo update

Hatshepsut's latest monument being re-erected in the Open air Museum, Karnak (following the wonderful work done by CFEETK on the Red Chapel). Dr Leser has forwarded these photos of the latest in the developments. I am really pleased to see the progress of this monument.

 I extend my sincerest thanks to Dr. Karl Leser for these wonderful photos. Your continued support is a major asset to my research.

The first photo shows the front view of the Netery Menu, which is really taking shape.

The second photo is a side view, giving an idea of the extent of the monument once it's finished. Working from fragments, CFEETK have progressed well in the last year or so.

Situated in the entrance of Karnak's Open air Museum - a seperate ticket will need to be obtained in order to view this munument. The cost compared to British tourist sites of much lesser quality is very reasonable.

Once completed i will expect CFEETK to give a full report on the work undertaken. I will contact them at some stage in the future to check this. Any information will be passed on.

These photographs are copyright Dr. Karl Leser.

If anyone out there is not aware of Dr. Lesers work on Hatshepsut - please visit his website (German and English language). See below:

MaatKaRa Hatschepsut


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