Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Hatshepsut - Royal Ontario Museum (Toronto, Canada)

Royal Ontario Museum (Toronto, Canada)
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Something a bit different. This is a cast of the Deir el Bahri Punt Expedition, which can be found at the Royal Ontario Museum (Toronto, Canada).

As Egyptology progresses, we hear of the many attempts to recreate tombs so that studies can be made outside of Egypt and also to protect the tombs themselves. Casts which were made of tombs (and temple)decoration before the recognition of conservation may in some occasions have damaged the wall decorations they were intending to cast.

Today things are different, as we have seen in the Valley of the Kings (restoration work, the closing of tombs, etc). It would be nice to think that there will be whole temples reconstructed in museums around the world, so that those who may never see the monuments for themselves can still experience every hieroglyph, pillar, pylon, etc.

Who knows?


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